Gênes Italie

Livre d’or

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Nous remercions chaleureusement le guide pour sa gentillesse et sa disponibilité. La promenade qu’ il nous a proposée nous a permis de découvrir des lieux insolites et surprenants ainsi que l’ originalité de sa cité.

Visitor: Véronique CROT – France – 21/04/2019

Greeter: Roberto Poltini

We really enjoyed our visit in Genova with Maria Lidia ; we saw many places, streets, churches, other public monuments, design shops and so on, so original and typical ; Maria Lidia speaks French very well and we would like to speak Italian as well as she speaks French ; it was a pleasure to talk with her or with Martha too ; they are both quiet and pleasant ; it was a real success to walk in this town in a few hours and to discover things we could never discovered without them ; my husband and my son were very satisfied by this experience and we didn't expect that Genova was so huge and beautiful ; so , it was another great experience with greeters and we thank them a lot for their availability ; we spent a very good time; the mails with Maria Lidia before we met, were really helpful ; Thanks a lot Maria Lidia , you are a wonderful greeter ; See you in Burgundy if you please . Ciao Valentin, Patrick and Claude

Visitor: claude Bienvenu – 23/05/2018

Greeter: Maria lidia